Managerator Portal

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Managerator, what is that?

Dear fellow managers out there,

we all know how hard daily management business is. We have to spend a huge amount of valuable time, resources and skill to be creative. All day long, employees expect answers. Answers to questions we do not understand. And they talk about problems. Problems we do not want to hear about.

They don't even know what we have to do, the opportunities we have to leverage, programs we have to streamline and worst of all: Write all those messages full of management bullshit they always expect.

So this is the solution, the Managerator Portal.

This helpful page is your best friend. It can create emails for you, invent creative titles for important sales programs, and do a lot of other helpful stuff for you so you can spend more time golfing.

Managerate yourself today!

Employee Motivation of the Day: "Hello Mr. Employee, your Storage looks great today!"